Club Automatic

CLUB AUTOMATIC (CA) events are multi-layered live performances. The layers – for example vision and sound – are tuned and twisted by technique and choreography. Technique links all actives – including the audience. Choreography gives the basic timing and sets the ‘hot spots’. Accordingly, CA events function like an interactive program rather than a stage-production. […]


Frigo was an independent artistic experience of the 1980s. “Frigo” was the name of a place, an old cheese dairy in Lyon (France), the name of a concept, and the name of the group that lived there and lived out the concept. First a place, Frigo, a laboratory of forms, a multimedia space with a […]

Bellevue history

A headful of Hertz A headful of Hertz and decibels! With our regularly operational headphones worn either on the right, or the left, on either side of our hair honed by “El Razor” Morales, we were entering the sound like we were entering the times, edgy, impatient, abruptly opening – sometimes even kicking – the […]