Couty in Cyprus
Larnaca, Cyprus, 5.10.2017

Gérard Couty died on the 16h of October 2017 suddenly and unexpectedly after suffering from a short, serious illness.

With his death, we have lost a friend, a husband, a brother, a brother-in-law and an uncle. As an architect, graphic artist, thinker, teacher and artist, he influenced, supported and encouraged many people. In his own artistic work as well as in various independent structures, he was exemplary and forward-looking. As the founder of the FRIGO group and RADIO BELLEVUE in Lyon, as the initiator of the international CLUB AUTOMATIC project, as a member of MINUS DELTA T, as editor of the videomagazine INFERMENTAL and in numerous other innovative constellations, he was active for more than 50 years. Thanks to his influence and commitment, projects turned into poetry, art, magic. Thanks to his warm-hearted sensibility, he was able to bring together people from all social classes and from all over the world, and to inspire them to work towards common goals.

We miss his dry humor, his charm, his cooking skills, his music and his reserved thoughftulness. We miss his authentic directness. We miss his passion, with which he fought for quality in art and for his friends. We miss his joie de vivre.
We miss his love.
We miss Couty.
Bon voyage!

Rotraut Pape
Françoise Guedj-Couty with Thomas, Élise, Juliette
Sigrid Pape and Manfred Klingele-Pape with Charli
Mike Hentz and Birgit Dencker