Between 1977 and 2001, we amassed a huge audiovisual archive on art, dance and modern music. More than 300 hours of video in U-matic (some of theme are already available on Christian Vanderborg/Universcity TV Network) and a large audio archive with Radio Bellevue. We think these archives are unique, and we are digitizing them with […]


INFERMENTAL 4, Lyon France 1985 I remember We (the INFERMENTAL´s editors) are not art-historian, so to have some credibility, we have to use some precautionary measures when we talk about our experience… We have to be « modesty sincere », using, for example, some personal anecdotes, some « I remember ». Doing INFERMENTAL for me was absolutly genial… My […]

CD-ROM Frigo 2001

CD-ROM created in 2001: despite the fact that the texts are mostly in french, there is a lot unique pictures, sounds and videos… Enjoy! Click here to download the CD-ROM (size : about 400 MB)